Christianne Parker

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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”

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What is involved in being treated by Christianne ?

    You will be required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire which will enable analysis of any current and past health problems, diet and lifestyle. During the first appointment, which is two hours in length, the information on the questionnaire will be discussed in detail. Then a full range of food sensitivity tests will be carried out using Kinesiology. Kinesiology will also be used as a guide to find out more about a clients health imbalances.

    Following analysis of all this information Christianne will produce a comprehensive health promoting programme to be worked with initially for a four week period. This will include dietary guidelines together with a tailor made programme of natural remedies which may include vitamins, minerals, herbs and vibrational remedies such as homeopathics, flower and tree essences. This unique programme will aim at rebalancing and restoring health to the best possible level within the restraints of the condition being treated or supported.

    After four weeks you will be asked to come back for a review, your programme will be altered according to progress. Some clients only need a few visits to restore them to vibrant optimum health, others with more complex issues may need more appointments.



How and why does Kinesiology come into the equation ?

    Kinesiology tests muscle responses using gentle pressure. In order to carry this out you will be asked to lie on a couch. This non-invasive technique does not require the removal of any clothing and the results are instant.

    It is used during a consultation as a diagnostic tool to test for food sensitivities and to determine many other imbalances which may be compounding your health problems. Correcting imbalances is usually a combination of treatment possibly including gentle massage of various points of the body and stimulation of acupuncture points (without the use of needles). This usually enhances the effectiveness of the overall nutritional programme.


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